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      Spiritual Consultations  & Candle Magick 


The setting of lights (candle Magick) is a traditional Hoodoo practice.
Candles are lit for clients, prayers or requests are recited over them.
Afterwards the candles are left to burn out completely in the place that they are located which is usually an altar or some other form of sacred space.
The candle is then dressed with oils & herbs that are in accordance with the magickal intent.
Sometimes the persons name or wish is carved into the candle.
I will dress and prepare your candle for you using the proper oils & herbs.
All candles are blessed and prayed over before being set up.
Your petition is written on parchment, along with any names you may want included, & is placed under the candle.
I will let you know what type of candle I will be using & what day & time it will be done.
Please send us information about your situation and I will find a candle that best fits your problem.
A phone consultation MUST be done before the work is to be done & set.

Contemplating Casting A Spell, Candle Magick?
There comes a time that some of us feel that we've done everything possible on the mundane level to better our situation and circumstances but still, can't seem to quite bring things together.
This is usually when magick & the spiritual realm enters the mind of so many people.
Magick & the casting of spells is serious business.
It is NOT a toy and NOT to be taken lightly.
I believe in trying to help those who have tried all other manners of solving their problem but have failed.
Whatever the case may be, rest assured, I am here to help you NOT judge you.
The cost of spellcrafting varies.
It depends on your situation and what is needed for the working.
Your fees cover the various items that will be used such as herbs, oils, parchment, candles, & my time.
Before spellwork is performed a proper divination must be done.
The Crafting of a spell is only done after a consultation with you has taken place.
You must participate in some form in the working.
The reason for this is that your thoughts and energies help to empower the workings even more.
If you feel that spellcrafting is needed in your situation, dont hesitate to call.
If I am not available then send me an e-mail to set up a time for a consultation.
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Brightest Blessings To You!


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