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  Frequently Asked Questions

                              Spells & Spell Casting Questions


1- I’m having trouble deciding which spell I need. How do I know which spell will work best for me?


Chances are you’ve been browsing and can’t decide between two or three spells. What I have found works best for deciding is to take a few moments to visualize your goals, to make sure you have a true understanding of what it is you really want. Then review your choices and go with the one that stands out. Be confident in your choice, I offer a wide range of spells that are effective for every goal you have. If you still cannot decide, feel free to Contact me and explain your situation, and I'll gladly assess your situation and offer a solution.

2- How much information do you need to cast a spell for me?

Once your order has been placed, I will contact you via email. The information needed for casting a spell can vary. Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential and is used only for the purposes of spell casting.

3- Do you need additional information for spells that involve other people?

Generally speaking, the more descriptive you can be about the situation, the better. I do usually ask for the names of the other people to be included in the spell. However, any extra information that you can provide is welcome.

4- Are spells always the right choice?

Spells offer us solutions to all sorts of problems in our lives. From being able to find a new home or drawing a love into your life, the possibilities are endless.

That being said, spells are not a substitute for proactive behavior. We will not diagnose or treat any medical, legal, financial, dangerous or life-threatening situations you may have. If you need help please seek a qualified professional.

5- How do I know when my spell will be Cast?

Once I receive your order and all information needed for your spell I will send you an email letting you know which candles & materials I will be using along with the day & time I will begin.

6- Do you perform Health Related Spells?

I do offer health related spells, such as weight loss and help overcoming an addiction to smoking. Spell work and meditation can be of great success for people with more serious issues, however we recommend that these situations be treated primarily by a qualified medical professional. If you have any health concerns, please see your physician.

7-Do you Cast spells intended to hurt people or death spells?

No! We follow the Wiccian Rede which states "An Ye Harm None" With these types of spells, the risk is never worth the reward. There is always another solution.

8- Will having multiple spells cast conflict with any other spells?

Only if you specifically request to counter another spell. Otherwise, my spells do not alter or conflict with previous spells and only do exactly as you request.

9- How long will it take for my spell to work?

It is almost impossible to know when you will start noticing the results of your spell. Spell Casting is an art, not an exact science. Results are different for every person, and depend on the many variables concerning your situation as well as the people involved.

Keep in mind that negative thinking during the spell Casting time will often delay the results, so keep your thoughts optimistic!

10- I don’t think my spell is working, what’s wrong?

Your actions and choices help to contribute to your goal's success, or lack thereof. Although a spell will immediately impact the person or area it is Cast on, tangible results can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on your particular circumstances. There are many factors that can affect the timing and outcome or your spellwork. Since we cannot exercise any direct control over you before, during or after the spell Casting process, the kind of results achieved (and when they will be achieved), can depend on you, to a large degree. Be sure to make choices and take actions that are consistent with your goal! For example: if you request a spell to find a new job, you really shouldn’t show up late for the interview, dress improperly, give bad references, etc... You cannot expect a spell to make up for your poor choices and actions. Be proactive, and you WILL reach your goal!

11- Is magic real? Do spells really work?

In the Harry Potter movies we watch children play Quidditch on a broomstick and little wizards and witches Casting quick spells here and there with their magic wands. This type of Magic is not real - but Magick itself is very real. Whether you call it magic, magick or majick, it has existed for thousands of years, and even though society no longer teaches the art and science of Magick, there are small gatherings of people who practice it.

For some people, spell casting is a true calling. And just as with any profession, years of study and practice, coupled with being part of a group of similarly inspired individuals, makes way for truly beautiful art. The spells crafted within are performed by me with a true gift and years of experience. These spells are quite powerful and are designed to work for you

12- I’ve seen message board postings and blogs online that talk about certain spell casters being scams or frauds. How do I know for sure which statements are true, and which are false?

Pay attention to the details. If someone from Denver, Colorado claims to have been scammed out of thousands of pounds by a business that only accepts U.S. currency there might be something fishy going on.

In most cases, blogs and message board postings that bad-mouth businesses like psychics, witches, spell casters are put there by competitors. This is usually done by unethical people worried that effective spell casters will take away their business. These people fake negative reviews and complaints about their competitors, all the while trying to drive more business to their own sites. 

I strongly advise that you follow your instinct. If you are constantly worrying that this is a scam, or that it's not going to work, there is a possibility that the negative energy of your fears and distrust will override all the positive energy I am sending your way.

13- Why do you charge for this? Aren't witches supposed to cast spells for free?

Many of you have asked me why I charge for Casting Spells. I get several e-mails every day that all boils down to "if you were a real Witch, you wouldn't charge for Casting Spells". I respectfully disagree - Witches have to eat, and live somewhere, the same as you. The difference is this:


A real  Spell requires materials (many of which are rare and expensive), a suitable place to perform the Casting, and the time required to perform this Casting.

This does not take into consideration the constant studying I do to improve my Spells and create new ones.

This is a full-time, 7-day per week job for me.

The fees that I ask for  are comparable to others.

                                                     Blessed Be



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