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                           A Lil Bit About Me


My given name is Silver Lynx...Priestess & Witch!

I practice as a solitary wiccian & I also specialize in Hoodoo & candle magick

I'm a 3rd generation Witch.
The craft is a lifestyle & a way of life.
I was born & raised in this lifestyle & continue to walk & live it everyday.

I believe in trying to help those who have tried all other manners of solving their problem but have failed.
Whatever the case may be, rest assured, I am here to help you NOT judge you.

 For those of you interested in the craft or perhaps  wanting to learn more OR needing a mentor to help you...I would be more than happy to do so

Wicca 101 Lessons are 1 on 1 & are an hour long -$27 

Wicca 101 Lessons


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